Welcome to YourLawfirmReception.

You are among the 75% of Solicitors and Lawfirms who believe that outsourcing services such as Telephone Answering would make them more competitive. You recognise that with the growing emphasis on Customer Service within Lawfirms, answering the telephone promptly is key to ensuring you keep your clients happy and your prospective clients engaged! Missed calls mean missed business!

You want to grow your business without increasing costs.

You want your Partners and Assistants to be able to give 100% of their attention to their clients without having to stop to answer the phone.

We realise that a good receptionist is critical to the smooth running of any Lawfirm.  They are the first point of contact for new and established clients and need to represent the business and its values in all aspects.  A receptionist must be diplomatic, discrete and trustworthy.

We recognise that a friendly and efficient Receptionist inspires clients’ confidence in your Lawfirm.

All our Receptionists are trained to the highest standard and have a professional and polished demeanour.

We chose them carefully because they:

  • Have respect for confidentiality
  • Understand and comply with the requirements of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Have a positive, upbeat attitude
  • Show patience in dealing with difficult callers
  • Display dependability