Multi-Office Law Firm Case Study

RED was asked to raise a proposal to help a Law Firm in Oxfordshire with a Head Office and four outlying offices.

Each outlying office was a location for three or four fee earners, with PAs, a Manager and two Receptionists.

The Head Office objective was to incorporate all fee earners in one location, reduce the overhead of support staff and maintain the appearance of having local offices despite not having physical locations to visit.

Normal day-to-day operation for each of the five offices was to have telephones ring round a hunt group until an available person picked up and dealt with the caller. Invariably the caller would only get to speak to the person they wanted on a limited number of occasions. In an enlarged Head Office, the practice wanted to have calls delivered in a more targeted manner and with less disruption to all staff on the hunt groups.

RED’s proposal was simple to understand and to implement and helped the Business Manager introduce new call management procedures and to refine them in light of the experience of how they actually worked.
Head Office and each outlying office kept the number their clients were used to and which appeared in marketing and advertising material. Each of these numbers was routed to RED, who provided separate virtual numbers to allow the new Receptionists to recognise which location was being called.

RED’s staff were trained on how to answer calls in the manner the Law Firm wanted. RED was also able to recognise which Fee Earners were connected to the outlying offices.

RED was given access to Fee Earner electronic diaries to be able to see their availability and advise callers when they might expect to be able to speak to or hear back from their solicitor, if they were in court, with another client or otherwise engaged. In this circumstance RED was asked to offer the caller the option to speak to the Fee Earner’s PA or to leave a message. If the Fee Earner was available they could choose to take the call or not and advise whether to put the call to their PA or take a message.

  • When the switch was made from five offices, each with Reception staff, to one office with a small outsourced team of professional call handlers, the results met all the firm’s objectives:
    Quiet, calm environment in Head Office without continual interruption of ringing phones
  • Redeployment of majority of reception staff to other duties
  • Substantial reduction in cost of Reception
  • Reduced running costs for outlying offices

Working in partnership with RED, the Business Manager was able to measure the manner of call handling and instruct PAs on their effectiveness in supporting their fee earners.

The following testimonial is from one of the solicitors who had been a fee earner in the Case Study business, before setting up her own practice. She decided from the very start to use RED as a vital support provider for her and her staff.

“Ursula’s Testimonial”

“I would be delighted to recommend your firm. I have used Red PA as a Director of a multi service firm previous to setting up my own firm. I have therefore had two experiences of the “handover point” when Red take over the switchboard. On both occasions there was literally zero hassle and the extraordinary peace that descended the office when the phones stopped jangling was fantastic.
Every call is answered professionally, every call is picked up, nothing is missed. The pro gatekeeping is a godsend when you just need to switch the world off. I find the team very responsive to particular needs like “ we are all out at a meeting”. Nothing seems to flap them. Most clients have no idea it is a outsourced switchboard even when they ask for directions.
I have also ( with my stingy business owner head on) done a costs comparison with their competitors. . They are definitely the best price/ value around and I would not switch.
You can quote the above! Happy to discuss by phone with the person if it helps.”

Ursula Rice, Director, Family First Solicitors

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