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You’re here as you recognise that with the growing emphasis on Customer Service within Lawfirms, answering the telephone promptly is key to ensuring you keep your clients happy and your prospective clients engaged! Missed calls mean missed business!

You want to grow your business without INTERRUPTION.

You want your Fee Earners and Assistants to be able to give 100% of their attention to their clients without having to stop to answer the phone.

A good Receptionist is critical to the smooth running of any Lawfirm.  They are the first point of contact for new and established clients and need to represent the business and its values in all aspects.  A Receptionist must be diplomatic, discrete and trustworthy.

All our Receptionists are trained to the highest standard and have a professional and polished demeanour.

We chose them carefully because they:

Virtual Reception Desk

A good frontline Receptionist is critical to the smooth running of all Lawfirms. They need to be able to meet and greet visitors to the premises without being interrupted by the telephone.

That’s why we have created YourLawfirmReception – a Virtual Reception service dedicated to the Legal industry, designed to support your frontline staff.

Our staff are experienced Lawfirm Receptionists and will be able to manage a large volume of calls every day, connecting the caller to the appropriate Solicitor or Assistant.

Or, if you simply want us to act as overflow receptionists and take messages, we can tailor a package that best suits your needs.

What we do:

What you get:

Client Care

In today’s competitive environment, seeking client feedback is one of the most underutilised techniques for developing and enhancing client relationships.

You’ll be able to understand how well you deliver what the client wants and how you may be able to improve. But, do you have the time and resource to do this in-house?

If not, our experienced Client Care Specialists will be able to contact your clients for you asking what went well and what they weren’t happy about and how, if at all, you could do better.

Vitally, our Specialists will ask your client if they would be happy to recommend you.

What we do:

What you get:

We’re SRA Compliant

The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority sets out clear standards for outsourcing operational functions that are critical to the delivery of legal activities (O (7.10)).
As a provider of outsourced Telephone Answering and PA services, we at YourLawfirmReception have made it our job to find out:

As your provider, YourLawfirmReception is equally bound by the duty of client confidentiality. Our systems and processes are designed to keep client information confidential and our contract explicitly sets out an undertaking relating to confidentiality. The contract also provides:

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